Friday, September 25

Egyptian shopping search engine Yaoota raises $2.7 million in funding

Yaoota is an Egyptian-based search engine and web service company, similar to what we have on a global scale as the Google search engine and web services likewise, only difference being that Yaoota is based on shopping. Yaoota, looking to expand its user base in its home base, appreciating and investing in local technology in the process as well as spreading its tentacles to the Middle East and African market, have raised funds accruing to a sum of 2.7 million dollars (US$2.7 million). The fund-raiser was organized and led by KBBO group who are a leading UAE group holding diverse interests in broad topics range.

Egyptian shopping search engine Yaoota raises $2.7 million in funding Technology: General
Yaoota lets you search for products across hundreds of stores in Egypt.

Speaking on the subject, the CEO of Yaoota in person of Sherif El Rakabawy said “The e-commerce market in the region is still relatively small as compared to the maturity of the western markets. That’s actually what makes the MEA market attractive, as it exhibits one of the highest growth figures globally”. Confidently, he added that they have plans as regards expansion in the mid term.

The Yaoota employs technologies that allows it index complex algorithms to aggregate all products in major online stores, helping online shoppers in Egypt get whatever they want to buy at informed prices and high flexibility. was launched in July 2014 and has its headquarters in Cairo of Egypt.

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