Friday, September 25

Google: Android OS has 1.4 billion users

The Android platform which has been around for a while now is the largest mobile device operating system used by users all over the world. Being flexible, easy to use and also coming with a beautiful user interface, the Android system has captured the smartphone market at the right places and is refusing to let go of the strong hold it has on mobile technology by not failing to constantly reel out upgrades to upp their ante and ward off competition faced from other mobile operating systems there are.

CEO of Google, the brand which consequentially owns the mobile device software, in person of Sundar Pichai made it factual that Android now boasts of a worldwide user base of a whooping 1.4 billion people. With the population of the world set at just over 7 billion, and the population of smartphone users set at a figure less, Android can be said to own the largest number of subscribers.

Speaking at the Google Nexus event, the CEO further stressed that this improvement, which shows that the numbers increased with a stunning 400 million from last year’s figures, is largely due to the new number of Android smartphones churned out daily coupled with the fact that they are released at pocket-friendly prices.

The Android Platform which has undergone structural changes have served the mobile technology market with versions such as the Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Lollipop, Kitkat, and the newly introduced Marshmallow.

Boasting a variety of apps and games for users to choose from, functionality that is above all others and a very interactive user interface, Android looks perfectly poised to win the war against all other operating systems in the long run.

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