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How to unsubscribe from callertunes (MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat)

How to unsubscribe from callertunes (MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat) Technology: General

Callertunes are part of the services offered by various network providers to their various subscribers. The callertune service helps you to make sure your users do not listen to the regular machine generated tone when making a call through to you and you are not at hand to pick up fast. Various network providers also charge different rates for the provision of this service and over the years, a lot of songs have been promoted to the callertune service.

Usually involving a token of airtime to be spent every time a renewal is due (which is usually a month), some users would wish to at one point or the other unsubscribe from the service. Other times, subscribers may find themselves on the callertune service without even subscribing to this themselves. This can arise from the package that such a user is enjoying from their network provider.

To cut the long story short, whenever this service becomes unbearable, the guide below gives the basic information needed to remove oneself from these services at time of convenience.

For MTN subscribers, send a message with the body as “CANCEL” (without the quotations of course) to 4100. The Callertune service should thus reply you with an SMS stating that you have been successfully unsubscribed from the service. If no message is sent after a few minutes, it would be wise to try again till you are successfully unsubscribed.

Globacom subscribers should send the short code “dereg” to 7728, while Airtel users just need to text “STOP” to 791. Etisalat users, on the other hand, would text the message RBTOFF to 251 and they would get removed from this service.

To re-subscribe at a later date, contact your service provider for relevant details.

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