Friday, September 25

MultiChoice pumps $3 million investment into content production in East Africa

MultiChoice, the South African based company that offers the Digital Satellite TeleVision service (DSTv) has invested over 3 million dollars in an East African Content production hub. This was done to fulfill and honor a 60% local content deal it has signed with the government and as well, fulfill its own promises to always be involved in the development of local skills and talents.

Multichoice, who licensed, produced or commissioned in excess of 114 films and 34 movies in Kenya alone in the year 2011 has largely assisted in the release of the spectrum that can be used for alternative services, including mobile broadband and broadcast services. This has undoubtedly led to a lot of economic benefits. MultiChoice was also actively involved in the importation of over 1.5million set top boxes which were aimed at supporting the digital switch over by promoting the penetration of its set top boxes. Worthy of note is also the subsidizing of the cost of the GOtv decoders.

According to Mr. Stephen Isaboke, East Africa Regional Director of MultiChoice Investments Holdings Limited,“We have invested in  a  regional production  hub  worth  over  Sh3.2  billion ($30,680,896) that  will develop  skills  in  the  creative,  sport,  technology  and related industries as part of its long term commitment to providing the best local and international channels using  the  latest  and  best  technology  platforms available worldwide.”

The major hand that MultiChoice has extended to this programme would go a long way to ensuring its success, which the government stands to reap from in the long run.

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