Friday, September 25

OgaVenue vows to change Event Management in Nigeria

This I must say: Whoever invented the idea of partying did a good thing. Such a person deserves a Nobel Laureate prize already. Without the idea of parties, only God knows what life in itself must have been. What would places like Lagos and Las Vegas be like without parties? Let’s just take a moment to imagine this and shake off the wild thought from our heads.

Now to business. As cool as parties are, one thing that most times frustrates our plans is the venue. Venues are either scarce, not easily accessible or not available at all. This can be quite unnerving at times, causing us to shift dates and times and mostly, result in us not having the dream party we dreamt of. All of our woes have been put to bed now with the innovation called Oga Venue.

OgaVenue vows to change Event Management in Nigeria Technology: General

OgaVenue pitched at the last held DEMO Africa and the concept behind it is really simple. It promises to provide venue listing service for entrepreneurs / owners of such venues and in turn, a booking service for those that would be interested in the use of such venues for various reasons. The innovation would also give you access to the availability of these venues, price offered and as well, the utilities that are available for your comfort in such venues, giving you the best of every deal.

Currently, there are 1500 venues on OgaVenue that span 5 different states. Users can access these venues, view them and even book straight from the website. Venue owners are also given the option to list their venues on the platform. OgaVenue is currently looking to expand its reach to all 36 states of the federation likewise, listing all venues theirin.

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