Friday, September 25

Osusu Mobile: traditional African daily money contribution with ease

The typical African market woman knows little or nothing about the western banking system and would opt to find other ways to keep her money accrued from daily sales than to go keep her money with the white collars. That is the thought of many. That is why you would constantly see market women around with their wait-bags, and contribution collectors too, walking the length and breadth of the market to collect daily contributions from these women.

This process can be quite stressful and as such, an innovator has taken it upon himself to launch an apt solution. Developing a programme called the Osusu Mobile, gone are the days of going through stress to male your daily savings.

In Nigeria, especially with the Yorubas, Osusu is a traditional way of keeping money that has long been in existence. Igbos call it Isusu. It allowed for someone who would be the head of the group to collect contributions as stipulated times (daily, weekly etc) which would be kept safely in trust for the owners. Implementing this age-long culture into an idea birthed the Osusu Mobile.

Osusu Mobile: traditional African daily money contribution with ease Technology: General

The Osusu Mobile is relatively easy to use. With an SMS-Enabled phone, you are good to go. Just open an Osusu account and you can start saving with the nearest agent to you.

Also, being an agent for Osusu has its own perks. You earn commissions anytime a user makes payments on the platform. You also get credited when you refer someone to the Osusu Mobile programme and many more.


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