Friday, September 25

PeopleLink VC Solutions brings advanced video conferencing to Nigeria


Nigeria and Nigerians now have a reason to smile more due to the recent innovation that has been brought into the country by Renux Media. The integrated service and communications solution company, Renux, has partnered up with PeopleLink to bring Nigerians Bandwidth Unified Communication and Teleprescence.

PeopleLink VC Solutions brings advanced video conferencing to Nigeria Technology: GeneralThis solution, dubbed the ‘PeopleLink VC’ comes integrated with the ability to offer features such as image capture and compression technology enabling it to deliver utmost picture quality at any capture resolution. It also offers a wide variety of operations and tools that can be used when performing video operations. For example, during video encoding, transmission and decoding, Peoplelink makes use of H.264 VBR/CBR encryption protocols for video and G.273, G.711. For audio operations, PeopleLink makes use of GIPS as audio compression algorithms, which ensure a stable audio video clarity irrespective of the network’s bandwidth you’re under. The solution is most capable of achieving clearer and more crisp video resolutions (up to1080p resolutions) at the most optimal bandwidths.

The External Communications Manager of Renux Media in person of Mr. Caleb Achu has said “Peoplelink has come to unlock various doors of collaborative possibilities for SMEs, institutions of learning, religious organizations, health and manufacturing, government and its agencies, and non-government organizations. Peoplelink is an ideal gateway into experiencing a ’’Smart City’’ Concept for Nigeria and Africa at large.”

After countries like Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia, Nigeria is the fifth African country that would enjoy the use of the PeopleLink VC Smart City application.

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