Friday, September 25

SA is the largest Internet consumer in Africa?

Gone are the days when we were the least data users. In those days, Africans failed to take proper utility of the vast amount of data resources at its disposal and hence, they usually went to waste. With the stipend of data supplied by network providers as bonuses after performing simple tasks such as recharging your line, we would be good to go for a week.

Owing to the launch of multiple smartphone brands into the African TechnoSphere, our approach to data and its use changed drastically. From the days of the BB to the Android, the latter using more bandwidth than the former, we have grown to basic data users to large data consumers, now fully taking use of our data resources and even yearning more.

This is depicted in South Africa where it is reported that more than one terabytes of data is not being consumed there alone. There are also reports that affirm it that consumers now access 100mbps fibre-to-the-home service and with Telkom VDSL subscribers not left out as they enjoy speeds up to 40mbps likewise.

SA is the largest Internet consumer in Africa? Technology: General
Africa has greatly improved in terms of Internet usage. Image credits: AndroidAuthotrity.

These broadband speeds are fully utilized by South Africans who further enjoyed uncapped data, giving them the ultimate web experience without having to worry about limits. Talk about data without bounds!

With some users said to be exceeding a massive 5-terabytes per month, many ISPs have reported seeing an increase between the range of 10 – 15% in the usage of data monthly.

Compare that to Nigeria, the most populous country on the continent. The maximum Internet speeds there barely reach 10 MB per second with the fastest providers. Ghana is also on the map but still doesn’t posses what it takes to compete with South Africa and Nigeria. So, with that being said, its easy to conclude that SA has the fastest Internet access in Africa and quite possibly, the biggest demand in Internet bandwidth.

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