Friday, September 25

Ordering from Amazon and shipping to Nigeria in 10 easy steps


Amazon recently announced the launch of one of its programmes, the Amazon Global Programme, which aims to see buyers from other countries asides from those in the United States and United Kingdom to get good they have ordered to be shipped directly to their addresses. The countries that were included in the Amazon Global Programme include prospective large markets such as Nigeria and Kenya.

For those that are not familiar with the processes of using Amazon order and delivery service, below is a step by step approach to ordering from Amazon and getting it delivered to your address, be you Kenyan or Nigerian.

1. Sign In / Create an Account

This is the first and most important step yo using Amazon, you need an account. If you already have one, proceed to enter your login details in the box provided and if you don’t, there’s always the option for you to sign in. Amazon is never too full for a new user like you.

2. Go To Your Account

After gaining access into your account, access the “Settings’ tab. Go to “Manage Address Book”. Edit your preferred shipping address here. Not that this is where you determine where your goods get delivered to.

3. Browse Amazon

Amazon offers a wide variety of thongs all grouped under catalogue. Why not take time out to browse the. catalogue and select whatever you want to buy?
You can also order more than one stuff at once. Simply add. it to your cart.

4. Select Shipping Option

When you’re done with your selection and making the purchases you want, on the left side of the screen, you’ll see the option to “Ship To Nigeria / Kenya” under the “Refine” box. There’s the opportunity t refine your search under the option of Free International Shipping likewise.

5. Filtering

Amazon currently has a catalogue of goods that it offers for this type of international shipping offered in its programme. A software built into the website would now run your order through this catalogue and determine which is eligible to be shipped to you.

6. Checkout

You checkout when you’re done with shopping. Here, you view your cart to see the list of products you’ve chosen and to check if you want to make any further modifications. If not, you checkout.

7. Select Shipping Address

After checking out, you select where you want Amazon to ship your wares.

8.Choose Delivery Option

This is where you choose how you want your delivery to be, and determines things such as the import duties.

9. Select Payment Method

There are a lot of payment options available on Amazon. With the introduction of Paypal to Nigeria some months ago, it has boosted the number of choices you have. You could choose to pay via card likewise.

10. Final Operations

This is the final page you’ll get to. This is where you get what is likened to an invoice, and your total cost is calculated. This page also offers currency conversion so you’ll know how much you’re likely to be involved in.

And that’s it. In 10 easy steps. Using Amazon has never been better.

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