Friday, September 25

Tecno opens shop in Zimbabwe

Tecno, the Chinese smartphone company that has completely rejuvenated the face and reach of smartphones in African countries is at it again as they wish to even break more grounds and plant themselves firmly in them on African soil.

Tecno enjoyed major success in African countries due to the fact that it created smartphones with high-end features to people and at a cheaper cost. The cost is sometimes not possible to believe given the quality of their mobiles. It is like they are on a mission to ensure that everyone, irrespective of age or ‘pocket’ is able to own an high-end smartphone.

Having already enjoyed good success in places like Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya where the rates of sales have been high, the Chinese brands wishes to do more by laying hold on the smartphone market in Zimbabwe likewise. This means that officially, Tecno itself would have a brand presence in the country.

Currently the leading smartphone brand in the Ghanaian market, Tecno wishes to replicate the success it has enjoyed elsewhere in Tanzania where it hopes to sell at least half a million units of its smartphone within its first business year. With their low price range and high spec products, this might be a feasible vision, given that the population of Zimbabwe is set at roughly 13 million.

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