Friday, September 25

Twitter launches ‘Moments’

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that has gained a lot of reputation and worldwide recognition over the years. Constraining users’ sending of simple texts (called tweets) to the 140-character limit (which it is soon to change according to one of their latest press releases), it offers users one of the ultimate web experiences.

Allowing you to catch up with trends, interactions, direct messages and also, letting you “follow your interests”, it came as a surprise to many when the news broke that Twitter was already experiencing a decline.

This was soon to change though as Jack Dorsey, one of the co-founders of the original Twitter platform, was named permanent Chief Executive Officer of the multinational brand. It didn’t take long then for Jack to start thinking up ways to pull up the sinking ship.

Twitter has recently launched a new feature into its tablet, iOS, Android and PC app that enables users catch up with stuffs they want to.

Twitter launches 'Moments' Technology: General

Moments, as they have named the feature, offers users the ability to create “content from chaos”. This means that instead of trying to get news about something that’s obviously trending by catching up with tidbits of tweets here and there, there is now an algorithm that filters this out and explains the buzz behind it. This algorithm is Moments.

Moments let’s you catch up on trends in Twitter and does so in an organized format. Gone are the days when you would need to be constantly refreshing your timeline to get the full gist of whatever is happening. Now, you can just access the Moments feature and there you are.

Twitter trends may have been a bit of jargon to you but with this, you’re sure to get the trending news in the best, organized manner.

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