Friday, September 25

WebAfrica acquires DomainCheap for an undisclosed fee

Domaincheap is a, or more conveniently said, was a force to reckoned with when it comes to registration of domain names, buying of domains, migration from one domain to another and as well, provision of other domain related services. They were mostly known for the rates at which they operate which was considered relatively low with respect to other domain hosting websites which offer similar services.

However, WebAfrica, another website and domain hosting service, acquired DomainCheap and the sale would take effect as from today, 1st October.

WebAfrica acquires DomainCheap for an undisclosed fee Technology: General

DomainCheap, which has been around for a while and as such enjoyed modest followership and subscriptions issued an e-mail statement to all its customers where it stated that “Webafrica has been thorough in auditing our systems, and we have the peace of mind that our loyal customers will receive much higher levels of assistance than we were ever able to offer”, thus confirming the sale of the platform to the management of WebAfrica.

DomainCheap further expressed its profound gratitude to users over the years and used the medium to end long-term or short-term partnerships they have had with customers over the years. WebAfrica is yet to issue an official statement as regards their most recent acquisition.

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