10 Security Measures To Stay Secured On The Internet

10 Security Measures To Stay Secured On The Internet Simple Tutorials Technology: General
To prevent being victimized by fraud, hacking and phishing, take the following steps.
1. Make sure your computer firewall is always turned on and your operating system and antivirus software are updated regularly.
2. Regularly back up your files, and store the copies safely.
3. Use common sense. Do not be quick to trust information on the internet. Do not be greedy.
4. Beware of unsolicited e-mails or instant messages, especially if they contain links or ask for personal information, such as verification of a password.
5. Choose passwords that are difficult for others to guess. Change your internet passwords periodically, and do not use the same password for different websites.
6. Provide your credit card or banking information only to reputable and secure websites.
7. Make sure you type web addresses accurately, one spelling mistake might redirect you to a fruadulent website.
8. Use encrypted connections to transmit sensitive data such as credit card details, and log off when you have finished.
9. Review transactions on your credit card and bank statements carefully and frequently. As soon as you spot an unfamiliar transaction, contact the company immediately.
10. Say not to the question “Remember password?” Spy wares and trojans can harvest your stored passwords.

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