Monday, January 18

Month: October 2012

Hostgator Coupon Codes

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Few weeks ago, I made a post on Hostgator review, citing the advantages and disadvantages of having your website hosted with Hostgator. This week am gonna show you how to get huge discounts when buying hosting from Hostgator, with the help of coupons. A coupon code is a code that gives you discount or bonus when you buy something. When buying hosting from Hostgator, use any of the coupons to get chunks of discounts off your bill. The most important of these coupon codes are HOSTGATOR001PROMO; used to get your first month of hosting for free($0.01), THEBESTCHEAPHOSTING; used for getting 25% discount on your total bill. Here Are All Hostgator Coupons You Will Need: Discount$Use now Coupon HOSTGATOR001PROMO Gives you first month of hosting for $0.01 Use now THEBESTCHEAPHOSTING 25% di...