Wednesday, June 3

39-year-old woman who is allergic to Wi-Fi signals wins ‘breakthrough’ compensation from French government

Meet Marine Richard, a 39-year-old former radio producer who lives in France. At a first glance, everything looks normal but ask Ms. Richard why she can’t live in a “normal society” and the answer you’ll get will shock you to bits.

Poor Ms. Richard and thousands of other electromagnetic hypersensitivity patients cannot live in places where Wi-Fi and sometimes mobile network radiation pass. Even though medical experts are yet to prove the existence of the condition, Marine claims that Wi-Fi signals make her sick.

Last week, she became the first person to be officially recognized and compensated for the disorder after a French court directed authorities to pay her roughly $900 a month for at least three years — for the alleged discomfort.

Marine says she is confined to a barn in the rural area of Ariège where electricity and Wi-Fi cannot get to her. Speaking on her court win, “this is a breakthrough,” she said.

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