Monday, September 21

3D Simulation test for SA truck drivers aims to reduce accidents

South Africa is taking the security of its citizens and roads serious and this is evident with the launch of this new programme that is designed and aimed at helping truck drivers perform better and learn more on what to do when faced with diverse situations, eliminating the high chance for accidents at every turn and corner.

The programme, which introduces a 3D simulator, was developed by TMI Dynamatics and would be operated as a first in the South African region by Jolene Boulton. The effort to see this programme tried in the first place was launched by KZN Department of Transport.

Of the programme, Jolene said: “The project is aimed at dealing with pertinent issues that affect truck drivers. The first part of the course includes checking the vehicle before it is driven, what issues might be wrong with the vehicle if certain signals appear and how to resolve them. The whole project is aimed at giving drivers the extra edge”

The truck simulator is based in a caravan fitted with computers that would change scenes to the different things a real truck driver would experience on the road. Also, it would be fitted with hydraulics to ensure that the driver feels like they are in a natural road-worthy truck, trying to evade and reason out every obstacle the computer might pose them.

It is expected that after the programme, the drivers would have gained more knowledge and applying these in real life would reduce the number of accident cases recorded daily.

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