Wednesday, January 20

3rd Angel Fair Africa to be held in Accra, Ghana

Angel Fair Africa is an event that is hostel annually by the Angel Africa List, hoping to connect emerging businesses, start-ups and established businesses likewise and always holding the prospect of some business being done on the premises of the fair. This year, the third of its kind would be holding and the Angel Fair Africa 2015 event would be holding in Labadi Beach Hotel of Ghana on the 5th of November.

The event, in its bid to promote the presence of big business brands to support those emergent and start-up businesses that would be pitching would have in attendance investors from leading brands such as Ghana Angel Investor Network, New Generation Angels, African Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, Angel Capital Association and it is supported by Dimension Data, Chanzo Capital, Interpay, Servled and African Entrepreneurs Hub.

Also in attendance would be business from Demo Africa, SeedStars World and Pivot East, all these being platforms that support startups and emerging businesses. These startups from the aforementioned organizations would be given the opportunity to pitch their ideas and expose them to the eye of the investors who would then be at will to choose which of the startups to partner with.

It is believed that Kenya, Ivory Coats, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa (Dubbed KINGS countries) would be the ones to drive digital development and economy in Africa and this explains why the choice of host nations has fallen to Johannesburg (South Africa), Lagos (Nigeria) and now Accra (Ghana).

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