Tuesday, April 20

5 things you don’t know about Apple iPhone X

Coming months after the official announcement of the Apple flagship device, iPhone X, there have been several reviews about the device.

However, some users of the device have not come to the full understanding of its functionality and thus necessitates this post.

Here are some of the features on the iPhone X which you may not know and may save you time and ease the use of the smartphone.

1. Wireless charging

The Apple iPhone X comes with support for wireless charging which means you do not necessarily need to plug in your device all the time. However, to use the wireless charging option which also comes with fast charging capabilities, you need a wireless charging pad which Apple promises can charge yout phone up to 50% in 30 minutes.

2. Fix Siri’s pronunciation

Siri most often than not has some issues properly pronouning some words as the official Apple’s voice assistant sometimes pronounces things wrong. In case you notice this, you can correct Siri by calling its attention to the wrong pronunciation. Its as simple as saying “that’s not how “XXX (being the wrong word)” is pronounced [XXX].” Siri will ask for the correct pronunciation and subsequently adjust to it.

3. The A11 Bionic processor

The Apple iPhone X comes into the market powered by the A11 Bionic processor which is one of the most powerful processors loaded on any device so far. The A11 bionic chip boasts of a 35 percent effeciencty and speed over its predecessor, the A10 processor.

4. You can shake to delete

On the Apple iPhone X, deleting a word while typing is as simple as shaking your phone as it signals the last typed word to delete itself. This function is applicable when using application such as Mail, Messages, or Notes.

5. Stop alarm with your face

The iPhone X comes with a functionality which allows users hit the snooze button to stop their alarms without actually hitting the button. With the Apple iPhone X, it is possible for users of the smart device to use the face recignition software on the phone to put off their alarms.

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