Tuesday, April 20

5 More Facts To Know About Mobstac

After using Mobstac for over a month, here are what I learnt so far about Mobstac.
5 More Facts To Know About Mobstac Simple Tutorials Technology: General Webmaster
1. Mobstac is a good platform for creating a mobile site or wapsite for your existing website or blog.

2. Mobstac allows you to publish your own Adsence Inmobi and Admob advertisments, on your created mobile site.

3. Mobstac can be used with a custom domain or a even with a subdomain from your blog’s domain. Example: m.somtoo.com.

4. Mobstac does not require any coding knowledge, installation or hosting space. Domain name is highly optional as they provide you with a .mobstac free subdomain for your Mobstac wapsite. Read more on using Mobstac on your website or blog.

5. Mobstac is free to use. But you can as well upgrade to the premium ‘Pro’ version. After upgrade, all the features provided by Mobstac will be available to your mobile site.

The only negative report I have on Mobstac is that they replace your ads. when you are using free version.
For at least 30% of the time each day, Mobstac places their own Adsense ads on your Mobstac mobile site instead of yours, they simply replace your Adsense publisher id with theirs.
When I first realised this, I thought this was happening only on my wapsite. I checked and monitored several other Mobstac powered mobile sites and saw the same results.
I think this ads. replacement thing happens when you are using the free version of Mobstac(I ve’nt checked out the premium or pro version but will do so soon).
Mobstac Adsense pub. id looks like this: pub-xxxxxxxxxx1692. You can confirm this by viewing the URL of the displayed Adsense ad or by copying and pasting the link in a text editor like Notepad.

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