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5 Most Important Programs To Have On Your PC

5 Most Important Programs To Have On Your PC Technology: GeneralBuying a PC is one, but one thing that comes next is usage. To fully enjoy your Windows PC, I’ve written a short article to help you choose the most important, if not the first five programs you should ever have on your Windows computer.

Avast Antivirus

The first thing you should have on your PC is a good anti-threat program, of course to protect your computer from malicious software and files. Avast defends my computer from key loggers, viruses, Trojans and God-knows-what sort of threat attacks I’ve had on my Windows computer.
Even though Avast seems to solve about most of my security problems, I only recommend it just like any other ordinary user, other anti malware programs like Kaspersky, Norton, Avira, also exist, but I just feel better off with Avast.

Mozilla Firefox

If you are to browse the internet with your PC (who doesn’t browse nowadays anyway?), I’d recommend Firefox by Mozilla as the internet browser for your computer. Most Windows computers are equipped with Internet Explorer anyway but to enjoy a more fluid WEB sensation on your PC, you need Firefox.

Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF Reader

While the two programs are totally different, they arguably operate around the same kind of work — reading and writing.
Adobe PDF Reader helps you view and read .pdf files on your PC. PDF which stands for Portable Document Format is the format most e-books and tutorials are stored. MS Word helps you view and edit .doc files. Th software is popular for creating new .doc and .pdf’s.


WinRAR helps you unzip and or package zipped files. WinRAR comes handy when sending or receiving large files that needs to be compressed, sent, received and decompressed.

VLC Media Player

Even though Windows PCs come with Windows Media Player which is used for playing media files(music, video), VLC Media Player apart from the fact that it’s more flexible, lets you enjoy even more of your media time as it supports more media formats than the PC built-in Windows Media Player.

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