Sunday, September 20

9janimi channel plans to rejuvenate music streaming in Nigeria

Music streaming services are things that aren’t new to us anymore in this internet age. They are the online platforms (working mostly as websites and/or applications) that helps to connect users to their best and favorite artistes and making sure they can stream songs they want and listen to these songs while on the network. We’ve had the Apple Music, Spotify and a few more to contend with and while we must commend them for their laudable work, they have also been giving musicians some hard times with their rates which see about $0.006 and $0.0084 gone.

9janimi Channel has then taken it upon itself to be the messiah of all music streaming services in the nation and make sure artistes do not face these kinds of problems anymore. With the 9janimi Channel which was recently re-launched (after being re-branded, that is), artistes are able to keep up to 75% of the proceeds from their music which if you compare to the deal offered by others, is a nice bargain.

The founder of the 9janimi Channel in person of Soltesh Iyere has said the service would be available in two tiers which has been named the premium and freemium. In clarification, he explained that “the free tiers come with ads and lets users stream thousands of songs from its catalog, but with no access to the movies available on the service. The premium tier costs $2.99 per month and gives users access to stream both music and movies. On both tiers, users have to purchase songs they wish to keep or download at a rate of NGN 15 per song. Artistes also get to keep up to 75 percent of the NGN 15 per song downloaded.”

His proposition seems kind and considerate. We hope to see 9janimi make strides in the giant music streaming market.

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