Sunday, September 27

Ad-free social platform Whatchuu combines Facebook and Twitter features

Whatchuu is a start-up technological platform that was recently launched in South Africa by Thapelo Mokoena and it provides a free social media platform that would enable users to connect with exciting people around the world at zero rates and with no annoying adverts or embedded ads involved.

The idea to launch this platform by Thapelo was said to have been brought about by the fact that social media is starting to lose its essence of connecting people successfully, opting to always display advertisements here and there with an obvious lack of privacy issues likewise.

Ad-free social platform Whatchuu combines Facebook and Twitter features Technology: General

Mokoena has truthfully and openly declared that this platform has combined features from both Facebook and Twitter – two of the best and leading social media platforms we have around now – and that he aims to add more interesting features as time goes on.

The platform has been launched in its Beta Version and true to Thapelo’s words, updates would be made on it daily as they aim to work towards achieving an easier user experience.

Right now, it is possible to perform basic operations such as sending of updates on the website and share files such as photos and videos. They can also share links, join groups and follow / create a trend with the use of hashtags.

Thapelo is wishing to work more and harder on the project to finally set a significant feature that would distinguish it from Facebook and Twitter.

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