Sunday, September 20

AdBlock gets sold to…AdBlock Plus


According to Wikipedia, Adblock is a ” content filtering and ad blocking extension for the Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera web browsers.” By the definition, one does not need to ask how relevant they are as they are spread over all the major PC OS systems.

AdBlock gets sold to...AdBlock Plus Technology: General

This extension service on Friday announced its sale to a buyer which they have failed to disclose. After making the announcement, AdBlock further went on to state that they would be merging up with AdBlock Plus, another extension service that is similar to AdBlock, in their Acceptable Ads programme.

AdBlock Plus which happens to be a German-based competitor to AdBlock, is believed by sources to be the unpublished buyer of the AdBlock service, introduced the Acceptable Ads to help users set their preferences as to the advertisements they want blocked and the ones they want left on their websites. In order to express total transparency, AdBlock Plus has decided to give the total rights of unblocking advertisements to a third part firm to handle. This is believed to help remove any thoughts of the company being biased or prejudiced in its judgment of which ads stay and which ones go.

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