Wednesday, September 30

Adblock Plus accepts money, will allow Google and Microsoft ads bypass filters

The vast majority of internet users are irritated by popup messages and adverts that keep showing up on webpages while browsing the internet. Over the past years, Adblock Plus has been the most popular tool used in blocking such advertisements. However, according to sources from the Wall Street Journal, Eyeo GmbH, the company behind the Adblock Plus extension for browsers, has started to allow the adverts of about 70 firms (the list includes top ad companies like Google (Adsense) and Microsoft ( ) to pass via its filters in exchange for monetary returns.

Adblock Plus accepts money, will allow Google and Microsoft ads bypass filters Technology: General
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The number of these adverts is bound to increase since more and more companies are also willing to pay for the same services. Eyeo is also willing to reach out and is even negotiating with other developers that provide this ad-blocking tool to make deals that will give a leeway to certain adverts to pass through their filters.

However, as much as this seems disadvantageous to internet users who prefer using the internet without ads, the move isn’t exactly a shocker since Adblock Plus is a free service that has the sole aim of interrupting with revenue making streams. The ad-block service cannot sustain its operations since it also needs funding. It is because of this reason that Adblock Plus opted to offer premium services to willing companies that are ready to pay a fee so that they can pass through the Adblock Plus filters.

It is estimated that in the ad-blocking war, the revenue at stake is estimated to range from $1 billion to $20 billion.

Meanwhile, Apple has developed a new iOS mobile operating system (iOS 9) that allows developers to build ad-blocking software for Safari. Advertising agents, on the other hand, are looking for ways in which they can target the ad-blocking segment head on.

After all said and done, Adblock Plus needs finances at the end of the day. Therefore, their move to let some adverts pass through their filters should not be met with a lot of negative publicity. Also, if the service continues blocking all adverts – intrusive and nonintrusive alike – website owners stand to lose a lot of money as their major source of revenue gets blocked.

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