Tuesday, September 22

Adbox looks to become biggest place-based advertising organization in Africa

Advertisement is pretty much as important as manufacturing for a company that wishes to keep its head above water and remain profitable, if not even more important. Armed with this knowledge, a beautiful initiative has been borne that would allow manufacturers to market their products based on place. Yes, place based advertisement.

Going around fuel stations, you might have encountered the box TV sets that appear on some pumps, doing more than just welcoming you to the fuel station or thanking you for your patronage but introducing you to new products. In case you have seen that somewhere, welcome to Adbox, the latest and allegedly fastest growing place offline-based advertisement body in Nigeria right now.

Adbox, developed by S&T who are a digital advertising media have said of their product that “the goal is to create a Pan African Network where brands can communicate effectively with consumers, we believe in interaction and engagement, communication shouldn’t be a one way street.”

S&T media happen to be one of the start-ups that received seed funding from EchoVC not quite long ago and with this, they are bound to go far.

Although the details of EchoVC’s investment in the digital advertising firm has not been brought to light, the firm believes that it would have established itself as the biggest place based advertising network in Africa within the next years.

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