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Afmobi delivers offline downloading for mobile phones, opportunities for Nigerian entrepreneurs

If you love mobile phone games and apps but hate paying for data, Afmobi is here to get you covered.  Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Afmobi perfects in providing ability for mobile phones to download games, apps, music and other content without the use of mobile Internet data.

Through an app called Palmplay offline TM, users will be able to log on to the Afmobi server to download content. However, Afmobi’s ‘magical fun box’ has to be in perimeter for the mobile phones to get coverage to this wonderful piece of innovation.

Entrepreneurs will however, in exchange for making revenue, take up the task of mounting and maintaining these ‘magical fun boxes’ in neighborhoods, markets, offices, churches and other social places.

Afmobi delivers offline downloading for mobile phones, opportunities for Nigerian entrepreneurs News Technology: General

Having trained their first set of entrepreneurs in Nigeria, the company’s statement sent to read:

“Palmplay offline TM boxes have bandwidth that can cover a given distance, which means users can enjoy contents from a supplying box within a given range. So, the business plan is to locate high traffic spots where there are clusters of people at any given time and install the box.

On how to earn money with the service, “Palmplay freelance agents can maintain a steady stream of income by getting the Palmplay offline TM boxes installed at different locations where there are clusters of people such as tech vendor stores, super marts, hotels, campuses and others. The more people connect and sign up on the platform they have access to download some content for free while the paid ones ranges from between N10 and N100 depending on the content needs to be activated. As they are buying cards to activate them, the agent gets 10 per cent of every income generated from each spot created.”

In Africa, Afmobi currently has networks in Kenya and Ghana.

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