Tuesday, April 20

Africa Magic disconnects Africa Magic Go from MultiChoice network

Africa Magic is that network on DSTv and its other affiliated products that deals with everything African, brought to you in an undiluted way. Africa Magic has been, over the years since its existence, brought to Africans in Africa the essence of their movie industry and helped in the promotion of the African culture too. Looking to reach out to other Africans that were not living in the continent but abroad, Africa Magic teamed up with MultiChoice to launch the Africa Magic Go which would go on to become the online streaming service for these Africans in diaspora.

Africa Magic disconnects Africa Magic Go from MultiChoice network Technology: General

Just of recent though, Africa Magic has called curtains on the Africa Magic Go service due to reasons undisclosed. It was recently discovered that the channel showed a static page when accessed which shows that it has been disconnected from the MultiChoice network. Africa Magic also sent messages to their subscribers to inform them of this development but the body has failed to give any reasons for this.

It is of the opinion that Africa Magic had been planning the withdrawal of this service for a while and doing so gradually, even reducing their online presence for the service as the last time @AfricaMagicGo sent out a tweet was some 4 months ago.

It is believed that this withdrawal would only be a temporary thing, giving Africa Magic the time and space to rejuvenate and re-launch the service, although Africa Magic is yet to release an official statement itself.

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