Wednesday, September 23

African Media Agency: MTN and Samsung are the most admired brands in Africa

Africa is a very large market when it comes to a lot of things and investors in the country can not but tell the tales of how they smile to the bank, given that we are mostly open to new things, technology, innovations as well as quality put into production.

Housing brands from the line of refreshments (drinks et al), telecommunications, technology, smartphone and all, it is only logical that some brands be the brand favorite over others in this Africa Industry which is fast growing day in day out.

The first most wanted brand by Africans in Africa has been discovered through a new survey to be the Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTN), moving up a place from last year’s second position. It has also stayed on top of the table to retain its position, being the back-to-back most valuable brand in Africa in the process.

Coming in in second place is Samsung which has moved up a place from last year’s third position, following in the climbing process of MTN. Coca-cola can now like to go back to the drawing board and make some structural changes too as they rather disappointingly dropped from first as at 2014 to the third position this year.

This release is courtesy the African Media Agency and surprisingly, although there has been a significant shuffle amongst the three brands named, the top three still remains between the same set of companies as were there before, implying their effect on the total African market.

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