Sunday, September 20

Afrostream VOD startup gets Orange Digital Ventures financial backing

Orange Digital Ventures has announced that it would be actively involved in the in the funding of Afrostream. Afrostream is a subscription video on demand service. This service cuts across African, African-american, and as well African-Caribbean screen. Not limited to these only though, it also features TheFamily, Cross Culture Ventures I L.P and ACE & Company’s productions.

Orange is bent on helping Afrostream to accelerate its development and spread of its service across the major continents of Europe, South America, Africa and the Caribbean.

Afrostream VOD startup gets Orange Digital Ventures financial backing Technology: General

Afrostream’s unlimited SVOD, which is already available and connected to subscribed screens in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Senegal and Cote D’Ivoire, features programming for the entire family which includes but is not limited to cartoons, concerts and as well documentaries, not forgetting the utmost importance of films and TV series.

On the project, the CEO of Afrostream, Tonje Bakang, commented that “The future of television is mobile. With this strategic investment by Orange, Afrostream now brings together the best of the mobile internet and the best of African content. This new alliance will enable us to revolutionize the entertainment industry and to reach all audiences.”

Orange also wishes to take advantage of irs presence it has here in home Africa and abroad to help Afrostream in the distribution and spread of their service and network.

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