Sunday, September 20

Ahadootec wins Ethiopian SeedStars competition

Seedstars, the start-up body that has been touring the world with its competition has finally concluded its Ethiopian version of the tech event and a winner has emerged. The SeedStars World competition hopes to travel around Africa, launching various legs of its start-up competition and picking winners that would represent their countries at the national level, competing against other start-ups from all around the world for the total grand prize.

Following the launch of the competition in the Ethiopian state, Ahadootec emerged winners of the competition. Pitching their idea to the judges alongside 10 other start-up competitors, Ahadootec emerged victorious as they had the best idea that won the judges to their sides.

Ahadootec wins Ethiopian SeedStars competition Technology: General

The judges, composed of a host of experienced personnel such as Gideon Abate (Senior Project Manager, Apposit), Etalem Engeda (CEO, Entrepreneurship Development Centre), John Primrose (Private Sector Development Adviser, DFID), Tewodoros Wondimu (Team Member, IceAddis) and others were wowed by the Ahdootec concept. Ahadootec is basically a curriculum mapped content that has been developed and tailored for the use of African students, offered online and offline through Fidel which is both an Android and web application.

Coming closely in second place was Winsol Energy which offers a solar-powered mobile charger for farmers in Ethiopia and rounding off the top three was LOCALLY. Locally is an alternative location-based marketing platform that aims to support small business and small scale enterprises likewise.

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