Monday, June 1

AIG-Express Logistics launched in Kenya by Jumia/Kaymu partnership

Two of Nigeria’s most popular e-retail giants have taken the fight with DHL to Kenya.

Dubbed AIG-Express, the logistics outfit was formed within the alliance of Jumia and Kaymu who share the same parent company. The company has been in existence in some countries but was just launched in the East African country last week.

Indrek Heinloo, head of AIG-Express Logistics, noted that his firm is currently shifting over tens of thousands of parcels for Jumia and Kaymu on a daily basis world wide, and the figure is expected to cross into the half-a-million fold by December.

The initiative will guarantee thousands of jobs for Kenyans, Heinloo assured. “The venture is currently delivering up-to 100,000 packages a day for Jumia and Kaymu with the number expected to grow five-fold by the end of the year.”

“We welcome any and all logistics companies to join the AIG Express network and benefit from the unprecedented entrepreneurial opportunities that e-commerce provides on the continent. As long as the companies are able to provide reliable logistics services in line with our standards, we can link them onto our logistics platform and provide sustainable and growing volumes for their business,” the managing director added.

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