Sunday, October 25

Airtel boosts Kenya’s education sector with free Internet

Many are in business for the money they can make, some for the name and fame, and others do not even know what they are in the business for. One of the biggest telecommunications giants in Africa, Airtel, knows what is in business for and it is to make profit. This profit is not only in money but in lives too.

Airtel Kenya has linked up with some schools to take free internet access that spans 24 hours of each day to them, helping them to improve and ease their learning process whilst further pushing Kenya to the top of the chain in suppliance of quality education. One of the schools enjoying this partnership by Airtel is the Sigweng Karuoth Secondary School in Kenya and their students have largely advanced in their educational pursuit as they now have first-hand access to educational materials such as literatures, sample reviews, textbooks, revision papers and the likes.

This Internet For Schools programme has further showcased Airtel in good light, that it does not just wish to make profit off the society, but aims to impact their lives positively likewise.

Of the programme, the patron of the Sigweng Karuoth Secondary School has said “Access to unlimited educational material and information available online has greatly helped our students with their studies this year. The Internet has provided our students with a multitude of possibilities, allowing them to receive knowledge and exposure as other students in developed countries. Even as they start their national exams, we believe that they will be able to do well with the wealth of knowledge that they have acquired through this program”

This is not the only school benefiting from this programme, which is spread over about 150 more schools.

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