Sunday, September 20

Airtel Ghana hits 4 million subscribers

Airtel is one of the best network service providers in Africa right now. Evolving over the years under different names and different buyers, from the days of Econet to Zain, Celtel, and now Airtel, they have made sure that they underwent not only name changes but structural changes as well.

Just recently, the Airtel brand branch in Ghana (i.e Airtel Ghana) marked a stunning milestone. The National Communications Authority (NCA) of Ghana released a report where it stated that Airtel had achieved 4 million subscribers in the country alone.

Airtel Ghana hits 4 million subscribers Technology: General

Airtel also has the fastest growth rate and highest performance index in the report. Adding over 360,000 subscribers between the months of January and July, a representation of 8.77% increase was recorded.

The managing director of Airtel Ghana in person of Lucy Quist had something to say. “This is truly a remarkable
achievement and we are excited about this performance. We have been leading the industry in product, service and digital innovation that clearly differentiates us from the competition and positions Airtel as the network of choice for the Ghanaian public. These latest results from the NCA validate our position as the most loved brand in the daily lives of Ghanaians”.

She continued to thank their various 4.11 million subscribers and took the opportunity to invite others to come try out what their brand has to offer. In a beautiful play on words, she cajoled others into joining by saying “…You now have over 4 million reasons to be on the Smartphone network. Make your change now”

Airtel Ghana has made notable improvements to the quality of mobile network service in Ghana; being the first brand to introduce the 3G network and also, the first to offer its subscribers an update to the blazing-fast 3.75G network.

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