Tuesday, February 18

Airtel Ghana wins best HR award for Learning and Development

Airtel Ghana was recently well represented and recognized at the HR Focus Awards that held in the same country, Ghana. Being the maiden edition of the award and prize giving ceremony, it was a huge boost to the ego of the management of Airtel that they had made the list for the first time and would continue to keep it that way.

Winning the award for the network service with the most propensity towards learning and development practices, this means that Airtel Ghana is the foremost network when it comes to investing in the education and learning process of its employees, helping them to be more versed in their line of work and thrive better in the field which they have found themselves.

Airtel Ghana wins best HR award for Learning and Development Technology: General

“At Airtel we are big believers in the power of potential and the ability of every one to realize their full potential given the right environment and commitment from leadership. We are fully committed to growing and developing our people because they are our greatest assets. We are thrilled to be the recipients of this award which is recognition of the effort we put in everyday to empower our employees to be on top of their game,” Airtel’s Human Resource Manager, Tina Muparadzi, who spoke at the event, said.

She spoke further, speaking about Airtel and their employees when she said “Airtel is the fastest growing telecommunication company in this country due to our leadership in innovation, superior product and services offerings and our people. Our cutting edge solutions are delivered by our highly engaged employees. This is why we cannot take their learning and development needs for granted. We will continue to provide our employees with limitless opportunities for growth and challenge them to deliver superior value for themselves, our business and customers”

The HR Focus Awards was launched by the HR magazine and hopes to reward and recognize those organizations that have been outstanding in HR best practices.

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