Wednesday, November 25

Airtel Kenya Internet Configuration Settings (APN, IP/Port, Username/Password)

Airtel, with over 30 million subscribers, is arguably the biggest mobile network provider in Kenya and Internet is one of the services it offers in the East African country apart from voice and SMS services.

As we all may know, your mobile phone might not be pre-installed with Internet settings or you might have done a factory reset, which results in loss of WAP/data configurations on your phone.

So, this is how to set your mobile phone, tablet or PC modem to browse with Airtel Kenya.

 Airtel Kenya Manual Internet Configuration

The IP address and port for the settings is not compulsory but if your configuration requires it, you will have to set the IP address as and port as 8080

Profile/ Access Point Name Airtel
APN/ Access Point internet
Username/Login internet
Password internet
Port 8080

However, if you are no the techie type and cannot locate these settings on your phone. Use the method below to get the settings pushed to your phone.

Airtel Kenya Automatic Internet Configuration

To get the settings, text ALL in an SMS to 232.  The settings will automatically be pushed to your phone.

Just save and activate and you are free to browse. So that’s it pals. Enjoy browsing with Airtel


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