Sunday, September 20

Airtel Nigeria introduces new ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ data bundles

Airtel is a telecommunications brand that has established itself as one of the leading network providers in Africa. Recently, Airtel in Nigeria has launched a new Pay As You Go mobile plan. This plan is expected to launch and cover only data and its related resources. This plan launched by Airtel is largely similar to a plan floated by Etisalat a while back (called Etisalat Pay As You Go Pulse). The plan allows you to dial a selected code and you’ll be allowed to browse the net and enjoy the full functionality of the world wide web.

Airtel Nigeria introduces new 'Pay-As-You-Go' data bundles Technology: General

Airtel has planned to expand the comfort of its customers and consumers by launching this plan, helping them to offer browse the net, download, chat and perform all other data-related tasks at reduced rates.

To opt in for the plan, Airtel has decided against running multiple subscription codes and use one instead after which you’ll follow the prompts. To opt in, on your Airtel-covered mobile phone, dial *439# and choose one of the options shown below (as would be displayed on your mobile phones)

•#15 for 5 minutes
•#10 for 30 minutes
•#90 for 30 minutes
•#180 for 60 minutes

The validity period of these plans is 24 hours (one day). That is not all. These plans feature no data cap so you can download as much as you please within the time windows given.

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