Wednesday, June 3

Airtel reaches 30 million subscribers in Nigeria, now ranks 3rd largest carrier in the world

Airtel is booming in Nigeria with their customer base reaching 30 million across the country recently.  Nigeria, which happens to be the most populous nation in Africa, has given Bharti Airtel a new milestone with about 20 percent market penetration in the country.

Technically, this success was primarily due to the wonderful GSM network service the carrier has provided, an Airtel executive claimed. Moreover, the steady internet growth from its business as well as residential sector of customers helped mobile networks in the country to grow in general.

Stats from the Nigerian Communications Commission reveal that the number of mobile subscribers in the country has gone up significantly from 144 million in May 2015 to 146 million in June 2015. Within a mere span of a month the subscribers base rose by as much as 2 million.

Bharti Airtel had earlier moved up one place in order of global rankings to become the third largest mobile operator in the world. Now, it has its services across 20 countries and has about 303 million customers worldwide.

Airtel Nigeria CEO Segun Ogunsanya exclaimed that such a milestone in the Nigerian market clearly hints at the quality service his company is offering. He opined that their strategies are working just rightly and that customers are cherishing their steady and committed network wherever they go.

Credits : Biztech Africa

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