Airtel to start new digital content products in Africa

Airtel has announced that they are going to launch new digital products in Africa. One of them is the Airtel Jam Sessions which is a music show and the other one is Airtel Future Shapers, a feature written on the creative Kenyans, in order to a help the consumers with great multimedia content, which would further help people who are working with art and culture.

The first Airtel Jam sessions show has invited stars to jam and to discuss their hustles. Airtel has already started working with the young artists of the contemporary times and would continue doing so in order to provide a platform to the budding talents.

The second product, Airtel Future Shapers is going to be a set of photojournalistic features on exciting new trendsetters in arts, culture as well as technology. Their works and ethics will be highlighted and they would also share some lessons with the people who also wish to have a creative career. The contents will be shared on company’s blog- Airtel Hadithi, where different contents about the creative and innovative people, irrespective of their fields will be shared.

The company is ready to receive proposal on content that probably you would like to see on the blog. You can mail your proposals to the company which will be considered by them.

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