Sunday, September 20

Albeit years late, we now have our own version of Kickstarter in W. Africa — welcome

Kickstarter has made a name for itself as a body to be reckoned with when it comes to sourcing for funding to be used to launch businesses and project start-ups to proper entrepreneurial zones. It is on the back of this that a Nigerian company has now launched its own online platform named after itself, Gadafunds, which aims to provide a means for users to gain crowdfunding online in the Nigerian and West African entrepreneurial space.

Albeit years late, we now have our own version of Kickstarter in W. Africa -- welcome Technology: General

With the body aiming at start-ups, various entrepreneurs , social enterprises and even political bodies across the largess of West Africa, Gadafunds looks to be the source of their project funding and wish to help connect these start-ups to investors that would make their success story happen.

Speaking to Techloy, the Gadafunds Limited issued a statement that read:

“Startups, entrepreneurs, companies and organizations are no longer limited to the pressure of installments to loans sharks, the high interest rates of banks, bias or sentimental disapproval of individual investors or the uncertainty of being eligible to grants.”

In another post at Techcabal forum, the outfit posted:

“We have successfully launched It is an online fund raiser and crowd funding platform. The platform is used to pitch ideas (projects, causes, products and services); maximizing your reach to the public, your relationships, contacts, community and social media networks, providing the opportunity for them to participate in contributing, donating or supporting these ideas financially.”

Aiming to help these businesses to obtain sponsors, donors, investors and so on, statistics has shown that if you want your business to take the giant leap, Gadafunds is the place to be as the platform is capable of powering more than 100,000 start-ups and SME’s in the span of the next 10 years. You might just be one.

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