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All Lexus Car Models, Variants, Meanings & Production Years

All Lexus Car Models, Variants, Meanings & Production Years AutosLexus is one of the most popular brands in the world. Today, we take a look on the meaning of the RX, ES, LS, GX, GS, IS, RC, LC, NX, CT, SC, UX, LX and LF acronyms that stands as car models in the Lexus brand. We shall also see when each car model started and the variants under each model. Lets dive in.

What does Lexus RX stand for?

The RX is arguably the best-selling crossover in the world. The RX was created Japan in 1997 and was first shipped in the international market as Toyota Harrier and later as the Lexus RX300 before evolving to the RX330 and RX350 (including the RX400h and RX450h hybrid models). Other models include the RX270,  RX 350 F Sport and RX 450h F Sport. The name compliments the car itself as the RX stands for Radiant Crossover. The X stands for cross( and over). Init?

What does Lexus ES stand for?

The Lexus ES stands for elegant sedan or executive sedan. ES is the oldest Lexus model. Production of Lexus Es started in 1989.

Models & Variants: ES240, ES 250, ES 300, ES 300h, ES 330, ES 350

What does Lexus LC stand for?

The LC name is self-explanatory as Luxury Coupe. It’s a coupe, its luxury, its a Lexus LC. Production of the Lexus LC started in March 2017.

Models & Variants: LC 500, LC 500h

What does Lexus GX stand for?

Although this mid-size SUV is better known as an SUV than a crossover, Lexus decided to name it GX which means Grand Crossover. Development of the GX started as early as 1999 after the J120 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado came out in 1997 but it wasn’t until 2002 that the first Lexus GS was introduced.

Models & Variants: GX 400, GX 460, GX 470

What does Lexus GS stand for?

The Lexus GS translates to Grand Sedan. the Lexus GS came out in 1993 but was first marketed as the Toyota Arsito since 1991.

Models & Variants: GS 200, GS 300, GS 300h, GS 350, GS 350h, GS 400, GS 430, GS 450, GS450h, GS 460, GS 350 F Sport, GS 450h F Sport

What does Lexus IS stand for?

The Lexus IS stands for Intelligent Sports. Only the sport version of the IS are made. The first model “Lexus IS” was launched in Japan in October 1998.

Models & Variants: IS 200, IS 250, IS 300, IS Sportcross, IS F, IS C, IS E20, IS 250 F Sport, IS 350 F Sport, IS 200d F Sport, IS 250 C F Sport, IS 350 C F Sport

What does Lexus RC stand for?

The Lexus RC means Radical Coupe. It first came out in 2004.

Models & Variants: RC 200t, RC 300, RC 300h, RC 350, RC F

What does Lexus LC stand for?

The Lexus LC was introduced in March 2017. The LC stands for Luxury Coupe. The first LC made its debut in January 2016.

Models & Variants: LC 500, LC 500h

What does the Lexus NX stand for?

After the success of the RX, Lexus wanted to make a very tiny crossover that feels more rock-solid in movement so they made the Nimble Crossover officially known as the Lexus NX. It came out in 2004.

Models & Variants: NX 200t, NX 300, NX 300h, NX 300 F Sport

What does Lexus CT stand for?

The Lexus CT stands for Creative Touring. Production for the model was started in 2011.

Models & Variants: Lexus CT 200h

What does Lexus SC stand for?

The Lexus SC started in 1991 and stopped when it was succeeded in 2010 by the LC. Lexus SC stands for Sports Coupe.

Models & Variants: SC 300, SC 400, SC 400 GT-L, SC 430

What does Lexus LX stand for?

The Lexus LX name stands for Luxury Crossover even as the LX is a full-size luxury SUV. The first models were produced in 1995.

Models & Variants: LX 450d, LX 460, LX 470, LX 570, LX 570 Supercharged

What does Lexus LF stand for?

The name LFA came about through company policy at first. When the car made its debut at the Detroit Motor Show in 2005, it followed Lexus tradition for concept cars. The LF in Lexus LF means Lexus Future and the model-specific name is determined by a slash followed by a name or alphabet. Eg. Lexus LF-A.

Models & Variants:  LF-A, LF-AR, LF-C, LF-C2, LF-Ch, LF-CC, LF-FC, LF-Gh, LF-LC, LF-LC Blue, LF-LC GT “Vision Gran Turismo”, LF-NX, LF-S, LF-SA, LF-Sh, LF-X, LF-Xh, LF-UX

What does Lexus UX stand for?

The Lexus UX stands for Urban Explorer. It’s production started in 2018.

Models & Variants: UX 200, UX 200 250h

What does Lexus HS stand for?

The Lexus HS is a dedicated lineup for hybrid electric cars. The HS stands for Hybrid Sedan. The first Lexus HS came out in 2009.

Models & Variants: HS 250

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