Sunday, September 20

Amazon now ships directly to Kenya, Nigeria, SA and 75 other countries

Amazon, the global outfit that specializes in retailing products to customers in various parts of the world, has launched its Amazon Global Programme that would see goods reach even more places than it had before.

Amazon, as awesome as it was and still is, limited its shipping options to a variety of countries and also ensured that products could only be bought and shipped to customers from the United States and United Kingdom but now, the introduction of this global programme would enable a change to that.

The well-known online retailer has announced its plans to make sure that customers can now place orders and buy things from anywhere in the world and have them shipped to their addresses. Amazon has also released a catalogue of goods that would be covered by the programme and so far, it has been a nice improvement as the list proved exhaustive enough. Featuring items such as automotive, baby, clothing, consumer electronics, industrial and scientific, jewelry, shoes, software, sporting goods, tools, toys, video games, etc., Amazon has really tried to help bridge the gap between manufacturers and their global consumers now.

Amazon now ships directly to Kenya, Nigeria, SA and 75 other countries Technology: General

Of the many countries that would benefit from this plan is Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and many other locations worldwide. Amazon would still claim and hold responsibilities for your goods once they get to the country because of the need to estimate the import duty on clearance of goods.

An important feature that has come with this is the option to track your goods so you always know where it is at any particular point in time, knowing the time of delivery likewise.

This is expected to provide some sort of competition for online retailers in Africa such as Jumia and Konga likewise, creating an healthy competition and a better, stronger market.

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