Sunday, September 27

Android Auto: Your Android, Your Auto.

Google Inc. has released a new feature to come with their Android devices which allows you to link up your Android smartphone to your automobile, giving you access to maps, destinations, places and all other information you would need while commuting. The feature which has been named Android Auto is set to give the user a way to link up their cars to their Android-based devices, allowing them to also perform variety of miscellaneous activities which include music control likewise.

Android Auto: Your Android, Your Auto. Technology: General

The Android Auto needs an app that has been specially programmed for the service to run on the smartphone. Also, it is worthy of note that the Android Auto app may differ based on differences in the types of automobiles the device is to be connected to. The Android Auto app disables mobile phone utility during the period when it is connected. This initiative was put in place so as to reduce distractions to the driver and ensure maximum concentration on the primary task of driving at hand.

Android Auto: Your Android, Your Auto. Technology: General

The app which is launched to run on the Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher features a voice command system that allows the user navigate through it without taking their hands off the wheel at any time.

Android Auto: Your Android, Your Auto. Technology: General

While many cars already have the function to support the Android Auto built into them, users are advised to contact their vehicle manufacturers on advice to proceed. The Hyundai Sonata is reported to be the first automobile to be manufactured with support for the Android Auto feature.

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