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Angaza pledges to make electricity available to remote regions across the globe


It is always kind of a sad tale to tell for many that live in remote rural areas in every economy around the world. They don’t have a lot of infrastructure on ground and they sure lack basic amenities such as electricity and potable water. To this effect, many non profit and charitable organizations take it upon themselves to provide these people with electricity generated through means such as solar panels. These solar panels then, after a while of repeated use, fail and these people are left with no means to gain electricity for their sustenance. How then can these type of problems be solved for the people living in this areas on a long term?

Angaza pledges to make electricity available to remote regions across the globe Technology: General

That is definitely what Angaza would have thought as it had launched a programme that would see clean energy supplied to these people and given that there is a high rise in the use of services such as M-PESA in the country now, it would be allowable for the people to pay in a very convenient way. Currently having secured some whooping $4 million in Series A funding, coupled with the about $1.5 million it had received in the year 2013, are now planning to take their services to areas that are off grid.

The San Francisco startup has estimated that there are some 1.2 billion people that are not connected to any power grid and instead of saving up to buy stuffs such as solar systems, would spend a relatively large percentage of their income on local fuels to get some lighting. It hopes to bring affordable and clean energy to these people which would be made affordable to them on an incremental basis. This is set to define a new era in some African suburbs who either have never seen electricity at all in their areas or even, have it in undependable supply.

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