Sunday, September 20

Angola gets computerized classrooms via IT ministry

Angola just recently moved up a few distances on its own personal ranking scale of technological development as on Friday (2nd October) when at least seven computerized classrooms were introduced into the country. The inauguration of these computerized schools, supervised by the Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, Jose Carvalho de Rosa, was made in the Cazenga District of Luanda province of the country.

The programme which saw a total of one hundred and forty-five (145) computer systems which were internet enabled and already connected to the internet launched is being enjoyed by seven different primary schools all in the Cazenga District.

The project is an initiative of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology to help the young ones take technology from its grassroots. This ensures that they are exposed to the internet and ICT-based facilities at a much younger age, speeding up their development. This could also result into long-term gains for the country as the next technology enthusiast may be under training.

During the launch, the minister in person of jose Carvalho de Rosa spoke where he suggested that applications to further support the use of the computerized classrooms such as a Media Library are in motion. He also made mention of a “My Kamba” project which aims at showing elementary and secondary school students the importance of technology.

The launching event was graced by many great personalities some of which are Njila de Carvalho and Victor Nataniel Narciso, both of whom are respectively the Luanda deputy governor for Technical Area and the Administrator for Cazenga.

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