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Apple and Google named Best Global Brands for third year

Apple and Google are names that do not go away with ordinary lip action. Once mentioned, heads are turned. Such is the global appeal that these two multinational brands have found in their own local markets and beyond the shores of where the fingers of the founders would have been thought to reach.

Apple and Google named Best Global Brands for third year Technology: General

Both companies share similarities in their start-up. They both required a team of intelligent people that just wanted to change the way things were and make a difference, and they both had a brilliant mind to co-ordinate the intelligence that had been brought to the table.

Apple, largely successful for its production of various operating systems and softwares ( iOS, Mac OS and related softwares), hardware (Mac Systems, iPhone, iPod, iPads, etc) as well as the services they offer (iTunes et al), have become an household name in the technology industry. They have even moved to start producing basic things that are used in the basic home. It is then little wonder to see how fast they’ve grown and far they’ve gone.

Google, on the other hand, which was recently fully acquired by Alphabet offers a full range of web search engine services. With Google, you can now never be lost. Literally speaking, you can’t as Google even offers one of the best, if not the best, map features you’ll see around.

Apple and Google named Best Global Brands for third year Technology: General

Going by these, many were not shocked at all when these brands retained their positions as the best top global brands for their third year in a row.

Microsoft fell a place below last year’s standard into the fourth position while IBM, the former occupant of that seat climbed to third. Samsung held its own as it stayed seventh while Amazon leapfrogged five places to stay at tenth.

Of the notable new entrants into the list is Lenovo, capping off the perfect 100. PayPal also featured at 97th position while last year’s members in Nokia and Nintendo were nowhere to be found.

Featured image source: Forbes

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