Sunday, September 20

Apple chief designer joins Chinese phone maker Huawei

is fast becoming a big name in the smartphone market and they are also banking on their recent status to always want to take even much more to their consumers so as to increase their customer base and global market share likewise. This drive can be best seen from the fact that Huawei hopes to be a pioneer when it comes to Android technology, even being the first manufacturer to use the Force Touch on one of its devices – the .

Huawei Mate S can accurately weigh an APPLE (or practically anything) with Force Touch technology.

However, we know that enough is never enough and they know that too so in a bid to constantly do well in the market and capture much more consumers’ hearts in the process, Huawei has recently taken up one of Apple’s former design head to be the boss of its own design unit. The candidate picked for employment by Huawei is Abigail Sarah Brody and she would be holding the office of Chief User Experience Designer.

On moral grounds, Huawei was in every right legit in the employment of this individual ad they did not poach her from . She had stopped working for the Apple team for a while now.

Huawei has its own Android based EMUI interface but the problem is that Huawei does little to build on the existing Android platform for the interfaces. Hopefully, Ms Brody would bring some great tips to the team.

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