Sunday, October 25

Apple files patent for unbreakable iPhone screens

Motorola has clearly upset the powers that be in the smartphone market and with its new cutting edge technology that sees it launching the world’s first ‘shatterproof” smartphone in the 2, other manufacturers would clearly not want to be left behind in the wake of Motorola’s new trail. One of such brand manufacturers is Apple who have also started moves towards building its own shatterproof devices too.

Apple has reportedly filed for a patent named the “Active Screen Protection for Electronic Devices” which is doing things the Apple way – better than the rest.


The patent, if it goes according to reported news, would dwarf the technology that has been used by Motorola (as well as other smartphone OEMs) to protect its own device. The active screen protector from Apple would be fused with the sensors coming with its device. When the sensors sense a fall, four screen protectors at the edges of the screen project upward and absorb the shock. When the fall has been determined to be over, these protectors return to their original positions.

Variations to this technology could also see a means where the camera of the device is used to determine whether it is falling or not. This technology, once introduced, would surely define the iPhones and other Apple products it is applied to in another way.

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