Apple iPad Mini 4 price in India

Apple is currently on a plan to make the Indians smile, and its working. The multinational smartphone and other related devices manufacturer have launched their iPad Mini 4 in the Indian market and the sales of this device is now live. As we all know, Apple makes its devices in variants which can be based on either internal memory size or on the connectivity option – being Wi-Fi only or not.

The 16GB variant of the device has been launched at a staring price of $445 (equivalent value) while the 64GB variant of the same device comes at a value of $553 only. It should be noted that both versions listed above alongside prices are the Wi-Fi only types of the iPad Mini 4. Launching the 128GB variant likewise, also Wi-Fi only, this variant comes at a price of $647.

For the models that have both cellular and Wi-Fi options, the 16GB, 64GB and 128GB variants are released at prices of $599, $707 and $814 respectively, a little higher than their partners running Wi-Fi only.

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