Thursday, January 21

Apple iPad Pro to go on sale under T-Mobile today

‘s newest device in the line of tablets – The iPad Pro – is the biggest tablet yet from the smartphone manufacturer and the device stops at a measured diagonal size of 12.9 inches. This device also comes with some smart accessories like the keyboard and smart pencil and although announced earlier (around September), became officially available for sale starting from the 11th of September. However, one of the favorite carriers in the United States – T-Mobile – didn’t have the device for sale since then but till today.

Offering the device for sale via its JUMP! On demand programme, the device would be sold for a down payment of $199.99 and monthly installmental payment of $34. There is interest-free financing plan for the purchase of the device likewise which would see you pay a down payment of $199.99 and a fee of $36.67 which is payable over a period of 23 months, due final payment being made on the 24th month.

Apple Pencil and the Keyboard are also available for sale. Having started to accept pre-orders since the 11th, you might experience a delay if you order now.


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