Monday, June 1

Apple iPhone Excels, iPads Sales Continue To Trouble

Apple gets a big boost to its smartphone sales. It has been reported that there had been 47.5 million units sold in the markets in the third quarter of the current fiscal. This confirms a rise in the year-over-year increase in unit sales of the device which is about 35%.

Company report shows that handset sales made up 63% of Apple’s total revenues which amounted to $49.61 billion. The average price of a unit also rose up by almost $100 but still there has been an inclination among the users towards Apple devices. Sources from the Apple exclaimed this with utter satisfaction that the gap between them and the competitors widening up largely.

The first fiscal quarter involved Apple Watch but sale of the time piece was not separated from smartphones. Apple categorized it under “other products” and sold it in the markets. In this category too, revenue boosted up largely with the nice marketing concept which was no less than a master stroke.

Although all is well about smartphones, Apple iPad still festers with problems. Sale of it is showing a steep decline in a consecutive span of six quarters. This time the decline was about 18% year-over-year. Perhaps this was a big reason for the Apple’s shares being down by more than $9 at Tuesday’s stock market closure.

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